Thursday, 28 March 2013

Yityish Titi Aynaw

Birth name                Yityish Titi Aynaw
Birth year                 1992
Birth place                Ethiopia
Residence                 Netanya, Israel
Height                      1.82 m (5 ft 11 1/2 in)

Life and Pageantry
Yityish Titi Aynaw came to Israel with her family when she was 12, she was entered into the competition by a friend and had no previous modeling experience. She is an Israeli of Ethiopian origin. Yityisht Titi Aynaw was chosen Miss World Israel 2013 on Wednesday night. She also the first black Miss Israel winner.
She will represent  Israel in Miss World 2013 pageant will be held on September 28, 2013 at the Sentul International Convention Center, Indonesia.

In March 2013 Yitysh Titi Aynaw was  invited by the US president Barack Obama and the White House administration to attend a gala with Shimon Peres and Obama as he appreciated Israel crowning a black woman as Miss World Israel and Yitysh having Obama as her "role model".

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